A treasury of guidance and inspiration, keyed to the needs of our times; selected from the fascinating book "Light from Many Lamps" by Lillian Eichler Watson.


We who live today stand at the apex of a vast pyramid of human development, slowly accumulated through the many long struggling generations of the past. We are the heirs of all that has ever been accomplished; all that man has ever done to improve himself and the world in which he lives. We are the heirs of all that man has ever dreamed, thought out, fought and died for; all that he has eloquently written or expressed and left behind for the guidance of future generations.
Today when we face what is probably the greatest challenge history has ever known-today when millions of people are troubled, uncertain, and confused-the rich deposit of inspiration left by preceding generations take on a new and vital significance. There has never been a time when people were more desperately in need of faith and hope, of courage and peace of mind, of standards and ideals by which to live, and above all an abiding belief in the future and in the progress of the mankind. There has never been a time when the tried and tested philosophies of the past were more urgently needed to give perspective and understanding-to give people something to cling to, something on which to build the strong, firm structure of their own lives.
Lillian Eichler Watson
  • There are gems of thought that are ageless and eternal.

James Martineau 

  • Words are things, and a small drop of ink. Falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

Lord Byron 

  • No man is wise enough by himself.


  • The manner in which one single ray of light, one single precious hint, will clarify and energize the whole mental life of him who receives it, is among the most wonderful and heavenly of intellectual phenomena.

Arnold Bennet 

  • A word spoken in due season, How good it is.

Proverb 15:23 

  • Time is of no account with great thoughts. They are as fresh today as when they first passed through their authors' minds, ages ego.

Samuel James Baily 

  • The men who have gone before us have taught us how to live and how to die. We are the heirs of the ages.

Sidney Dark